DotNetOpenMail 0.5.7 (beta)

Base64Encoder.Encode Method

Encode the File's data in base64.

Overload List

Encode the File's data in base64.

[Visual Basic] Public Sub Encode(ByVal BinaryReader,ByVal StringWriter) _     Implements IEncoder.Encode
[C#] public void Encode(BinaryReader,StringWriter);
[C++] public: void Encode(BinaryReader*,StringWriter*);
[JScript] public function Encode(BinaryReader,StringWriter);

Encode the File's data in base64.

[Visual Basic] Public Sub Encode(ByVal FileStream,ByVal StringWriter,ByVal Encoding) _     Implements IEncoder.Encode
[C#] public void Encode(FileStream,StringWriter,Encoding);
[C++] public: void Encode(FileStream*,StringWriter*,Encoding*);
[JScript] public function Encode(FileStream,StringWriter,Encoding);

Encode the Stringreader's data in base64. Note: This is not particularly efficient on memory. This method should probably be improved to take advantage of the Reader, rather than taking the whole string into memory.

[Visual Basic] Public Sub Encode(ByVal StringReader,ByVal StringWriter,ByVal Encoding) _     Implements IEncoder.Encode
[C#] public void Encode(StringReader,StringWriter,Encoding);
[C++] public: void Encode(StringReader*,StringWriter*,Encoding*);
[JScript] public function Encode(StringReader,StringWriter,Encoding);

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