DotNetOpenMail 0.5.7 (beta)

DotNetOpenMail Namespace

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
AbstractEmailAttachment This is an abstract version of the email attachment. It may or may not contain content, a character encoding method, a mime-encoding method, a content-type designation, a content-id designation, among other things
EhloSmtpResponse The server response from EHLO
EmailAddress An email address. The two parts of the email address object are the email address itself and the name. The name may be encoded if desired.
EmailAddressCollection A collection of EmailAddress objects. Implements CollectionBase
EmailMessage An Email Message
FileAttachment A mime representation of a file which can be transferred via email.
HtmlAttachment An HTML email attachment
MailException General Mail Exception, including network errors, connection errors, and configuration errors.
MessageHeader This represents one of the message headers as it appears in the email.
MessageHeaderCollection A collection of MessageHeader objects Implements the CollectionBase interface.
RawEmailMessage A full, preformatted email message, including headers
RFC2822Date Create a RFC 2822-compliant date. See section 3.3 in
SmtpException An SmtpException represents an SMTP response code and an error message. Network and connection errors are represented by a MailException instead.
SmtpProxy A proxy to access an SMTP server. This drives the protocol interaction.
SmtpResponse The response from the SMTP server
SmtpServer A description of an SMTP server.
TextAttachment A mime representation of plain-text content.


Interface Description
ISmtpProxy Interact directly with the SMTP server.


Delegate Description
SmtpServer.LogHandler Logging delegate


Enumeration Description
SmtpResponseCode SMTP server response codes and their meanings.