DotNetOpenMail 0.5.7 (beta)

AbstractEmailAttachment Fields

The fields of the AbstractEmailAttachment class are listed below. For a complete list of AbstractEmailAttachment class members, see the AbstractEmailAttachment Members topic.

Protected Instance Fields

_charset The character set of the encoded text
_contentbytes The binary source of the file
_contentdescription The content description of the attachment
_contentdisposition The content disposition of the attachment
_contentid An optional content id
_contents The unencoded contents, as a string (optional)
_contenttransferencoding The content-transfer encoding of the attachment
_contenttype The "content type" of the attachment
_encodingtype The mail encoding type (e.g. quoted-printable, etc)
_fileinfo The file source to read from
_filename The file name to identify the content. (This can be different from the actual file name, if there was one.)

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