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EmailMessage Methods

The methods of the EmailMessage class are listed below. For a complete list of EmailMessage class members, see the EmailMessage Members topic.

Public Instance Methods

AddBccAddressOverloaded. Add a recipient who will be "Blind Carbon Copied" as a recipient of the email. BCC addresses are not added to the email headers, but only appear during the "RCPT TO" SMTP negotiation.
AddCcAddressOverloaded. Add a Cc address to the Headers. This will also be used during the "RCPT TO" SMTP negotiation
AddCustomHeader Add a custom mail header, e.g. "X-MyHeader".
AddMixedAttachment Add an attachment which will appear to the user as a separate file. (It is not referred to in the email itself.)
AddRelatedAttachment Add an image which is referred to from another part of the email (probably the HTML attachment). You should set the ContentID of the file attachment before passing it in.
AddToAddressOverloaded. Add a To address to the Headers. This will also be used during the "RCPT TO" SMTP negotiation
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Send Send out the email via the smtp server given. If the SMTP server throws an error, an SmtpException will be thrown. All other exceptions will be MailExceptions
ToDataString Render the encoded message for smtp "DATA" transmission. This is the final version that will get sent to the
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Protected Instance Methods

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