DotNetOpenMail 0.5.7 (beta)

SmtpServer.CaptureSmtpConversation Property

NOTE: This property is now obsolete.

This property is deprecated. You should use LogSmtpWrite and LogSmtpReceive instead. This will be removed in a future version.

If true, the following call to "Send" will capture the most recent SMTP conversation to the SmtpServer object. This is intended for debugging only. This is deprecated in favour of the log message events.

[Visual Basic]
Public Property CaptureSmtpConversation As Boolean
public bool CaptureSmtpConversation { get; set; }
public: __property bool get_CaptureSmtpConversation();
public: __property void set_CaptureSmtpConversation(bool );
public function get CaptureSmtpConversation() : bool
public function set CaptureSmtpConversation(bool);

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